Monday, 7 December 2015

Hour of Code

This week, the Marvellous Meerkats are participating in the Hour of Code. It is a global event where anyone (from ages 6-106) can start learning to computer program. Any of the adults reading this can join us.

The link for our class is:

Don't forget your password from Mr Davidson

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A New Friend

This morning when we came to school, we discovered a new student in our class:

We didn't know where he or she came from, but he or she was sitting on one of our tables. We wanted to make sure that our new friend was safe. Soon, our visitor jumped onto the floor and started walking. But he or she was walking away from the door.

Mr Davidson got a paper and Rags (as we have now named him or her) walked on to it.

Next, Mr Davidson brought Rags outside and left him or her by the tree.

When we got back to class, we wanted to find out what Rags was. So we used our computer skills to look for pictures to see what matched. We found out that Rags is a cicada. It's a good thing we put him or her back by a tree!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Google Expeditions!

Today, the Meerkats went to Africa, India, Cambodia, Canada, Mars, under the ocean, and a television studio. All in one day! Can you guess how we did all of that?

No, we didn't have a super fast jet airplane. We used Google Cardboard and went on a Google Expedition.

Google Cardboard is like a set of special goggles that you put a phone in. It makes everything look real, or 3D. You can turn your head and see up and down and all around. You can even zoom in to have a closer look.

Google Expeditions are pictures that people (or robots) have taken in all sorts of cool places, like Australia, the Moon, Mars and lots of other places.

We had so much fun we didn't want to stop. Even after we got dizzy from looking too much.

Please like this post (on Facebook) or write a comment so that we can win a Google Cardboard for our classroom! We want to see lots of other places!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Musical Meerkats

Today the Marvellous Meerkats had a musical performance in the hall. All of the IAs and High Flyers and lots of parents were watching us.

A few weeks ago, we started practicing. We had to keep trying and trying.

Our performance started with Dash. Dash played his xylophone in front of the whole school. They loved hearing and watching him play. Azlyn helped Dash out because Dash was scared.

Then J-Lynn started to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the rest of us sang along. We used a special thing called a Makey Makey that turned Bradley, George, Natalia, Alex, Paris and Sunday into a musical instrument. All J-Lynn had to do was touch them on their hands.

Next Dakshesh played the Alphabet Song and Ryley played a special song Mr Davidson wrote. They both used the same instrument made out of the children.

When we were performing, we made mistakes but we continued. Mr Davidson didn't even help us one bit. He took this video:

We want to do this in front of the whole school again because we had so much fun. Some of us got scared, but we still tried our best and were very brave.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Indian Treats (Diwali)

Today Dakshesh and his Mum made some yummy, spicy treats. Yesterday was Diwali and they wanted to share some wonderful things with us. We want to say thank you to both of them for sharing. Some of us have never had these treats before. It was a great, new experience.

"The food was really yummy and spicy" - Natalia

Friday, 30 October 2015

Thank You For the Delicious Pizza!

Today we were given a free pizza lunch because we brought in lots and lots of our forms. It was delicious. We got to eat pepperoni, Hawaiian, ham & cheese, and cheese pizza.

Thank you to everyone who paid, ordered and delivered it to our classroom! Have a look at us enjoying our yummy lunch.

From The Marvellous Meerkats

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Global Math Task Twitter Challenge - Week 1

Today we participated in the Global Math Task Twitter Challenge  (GMTTC). The problem we had was this one:

Here are some of the answers that we came up with. We used lots of different materials to solve this and got lots and lots of answers.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Our Trip to MOTAT

Yesterday the Marvellous Meerkats went to MOTAT to explore and learn about flight.

First we went to look at the exhibits. We got to play around in a room full of fun things. We also got to learn about some video games from New Zealand.

Then we took a train to the second part of MOTAT. We saw lots of big airplanes in a massive room.

Later, we got to learn about flight from Abby. We did lots of fun activities. Flight has four forces: Lift, Drag, Thrust and Weight.

We had lots of fun at MOTAT. I can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Our First Kiva Loan

This term we have been learning about Kiva. They are a group that helps people who are starting their own businesses. We can lend money to help these people. When Mr Davidson went to America, he was given some free loans. After learning about things like money, sharing and making a business, we looked at some loans on Kiva. We decided to give to someone who needed money for school, so we loaned to Conchita from the Phillipines. Check out her Kiva profile here, and lend some money if you can. Since it's a loan, you'll get your money back at the end!

You can read more about Kiva at

Duffy Books!

This morning the whole school went to an assembly in the hall. A special guest came to talk to us. He was a wrestler, an artist and he writes comic books. He was pretending to be a superhero and he had a mask.

We also got our Duffy Books. We each got 2 very good books that we are going to read at home. Here is how we decorated our box:

It is a polar bear inside of an igloo. Check out our blogs to see the books that we got!